Testing Crimp Connections

Pull-out force tests and crimp height measurements in the cable harness manufacturing and cable processing industry

Especially in the automotive sector the cable harnesses faces ever increasing demands and must meet ever higher technical standards with regard to manufacturing, testing and evaluation of crimped connections. Also in the electrical and electronic industries the quality and reliability of electrical connections contribute to the quality of the end product.

For this reason a continual developing of the equipment for testing and evaluation of the products is necessary. Sophisticated measuring instruments enable the manufacturers and cable assemblers to meet the requirements of standards and company guidelines, such as the VW crimping guidelines.

The regular assessment and evaluation of the crimping is a quality requirement, which is increasingly demanded in standards and company guidelines:
- Pull-off force measurement
- Crimp height, crimp width
- Insulation crimp height

The MI&T GmbH Measuring Instruments and Testers provides high-quality and technically advanced measuring instruments and test equipment, which are designed and manufactured in Germany.
Our test equipment enables
- tensile tests of wire terminals in accordance with DIN, EN, MIL, SAE, BS, NASA and IEC standards
- the compliance of the high demands on the quality control
- improved product quality
- the compliance with industry standards and company guidelines, e.g. VW crimp group standard
- the easy integration in production systems

The versatile MI&T measuring instruments and testers in combination with application specific clamping tools and test fixtures provide flexible test systems e.g. for testing crimped terminals, wire connections, end sleeves, connector parts as well as testing (ultrasonic) welded connections, carbon brushes, cable tie tighten pistols and for cable insulation pull-off tests.
In principle all types of connections as crimping, pressing, welding, soldering, gluing etc. can be tested.

For quick, easy to operate measurements, data evaluation and recording our product range of force testers provides manually operated testers as well as motorized test stations for tests with constant test speeds, depending on customer’s test requirements.

For the acquisition of measured data, statistical evaluation and archiving the MI&T offers the PC software MI&Tstat.

Furthermore MI&T offers suitable micrometers for crimp height measurements.