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MI&T Measuring Instruments & Testers

The MI&T GmbH provides consistent innovations in the field of force measuring technology. We set a high value on quality, precision, ease of operation and reliability.
Our product range comprises high-quality and technically advanced measuring instruments and test equipment, which are designed and manufactured in Germany.

MI&T Management Intelligence & Technology

Quality management and quality assurance is a core competence of our company. We provide consulting services, staff training and workshops on the topics of quality management and quality assurance.

Product Overview MI&T Measuring Instruments & Testers

Force Gauges, Test Stations, Test Systems, Testing Tools and Fixtures, Accessories

  • Digital Tester for Pull and Press Force Tests
  • Digital Test Stations for Tension, Compression, Strain and Bending Tests
  • Digital Test Stations for Force-Deflexion-Measurements
  • Force Gauges and Force Measuring Systems
  • Clamping Tools and Test Fixtures
  • Pull testers
  • Software
  • Accessories for Measuring and Testing Instruments
  • Micrometers e. g. for Crimp Height Measurements
  • Micrograph Laboratories
  • Wheel Chair Test Device

Range of Services MI&T Management Intelligence and Technology

Consulting, Training Services, Workshops

  • Quality Management, Quality Assurance
  • Quality Workshop (FMEA)
  • Crimping Workshop
  • Soldering Workshop
  • Maintenance Workshop for crimp presses
  • Workshop for preparation, micrograph generation and analysis of crimps