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Universal Test Station model MTM

Motorized TesterModel MTM

Technical specifications and accessories Download PDF

Hand Tester

Brochure Hand Tester

Digital Microscope

Brochure Microscope


DNV Certificate



Digital Microscopes with display
for optical quality control, optical inspection of strippung, crimp quality, welded joint and repair of PCB's and components etc.

Download: Brochure Microscopes



We present you the latest evolution of our Heavy-duty Test Staion STM 50kN at Productronica 2017 fair.

Download: Brochure Test Station STM 50kN



Productronica 2017

World's leading trade fair for electronics development and production from November 14 - 17, 2017

New Munich Trade Fair Centre
Hall A5, Stand no. 432

Download: Productronica Fair Invitation


Wheel Chair Test Stand RSTG
Test stand for determining the wear of textile and flexible floor coverings, coatings, parquets and laminate flooring under the influence of chair castors and rollers.
Test device for tests according to DIN EN 985, DEN EN 425 and ISO 4918.  

Download: Brochure Wheel Chair Test Stand RSTG


Productronica 2015

World's leading trade fair for electronics development and production from November 10 - 13, 2015

New Munich Trade Fair Centre
Hall B2, Stand no. 134

Download: Productronica Fair Invitation


Productronica 2013

20th international trade fair for innovative electronics production November 12 - 15, 2013 at the

New Munich Trade Fair Centre
Halle B3, stand no. 134

Download: Invitation for Productronica 2013 Fair


Heavy-duty Test Station Model STM 50 kN
Motorized Test Station with motor-driven clamping device for tests up to 50 kN

Download: Brochure Heavy-duty Test Station Model STM 50 kN


Keytast Interface
for direct data acquisition of measured values in PC programs (e. g. MS Excel)

Download: Brochure Keytast Interface


Hand Tester DFG with internal load cell for tension and compression tests, small and handy unit for mobile use and stationary use with test stands

Download: Brochure Hand Tester DFG


Digital Force Gauge DFGS with external load cell for tension and compression tests, for the use with different load cells with varying load ranges

Download: Brochure Force Gauge DFGS


Vertical Test Stands, model TSH manually operated by handwheel and model TSM with motor drive

Download: Brochure Motorized Test Stand TSM
Download: Brochure Manual Test Stand TSH


Testing manually operated cable tie tighten pistol with motor-driven actuation of the trigger

Special tool set for testing manually operated cable tie tighten pistols, which enables to actuate the trigger of manually operated cable tie pistols with a constant actuating speed, in order to avoid influences to the test procedure by different ways of actuation of the pistol trigger by the operator.

Download: Brochure Testing Cable Tie Pistols

Now available: The Next Generation 2013

The continuous improvement and further development of the since many years well-proven testers and test stations of model series FTM, ATM and MTM of our product range led to the new improved versions of the tester models with new enhanced design.

Download: MI&T – The Next Generation

New Products:

Small and handy test benches for testing the tension force of cable tie tighten psitols (tie rap guns)
Download: Brochure Test Benches PTB and FTB

We are exhibiting:

Productronica 2011

19th international trade fair for innovative electronics production November 15-18, 2011 at the

New Munich Trade Fair Centre
Hall B3, Stand no. 134

new products:

Space-saving testers with hand lever actuation
Cable Testers Model PTC 50 and FTC
& Press Testers Model PTH 50 and FTH

Download: Brochure PTC and PTH 50
Download: Brochure FTC and FTH

New Accessories:

Crimp Height Measurements

Micrometers & Caliper for the Crimp Height Measurement

Download: Brochure CMS


Zugtester Modell EPT 50
Platzsparendes Prüfgerät für Zugkraftmessungen z.B. an konfektionierten Zuleitungen mit Flachsteckern, Kabelschuhen, Aderendhülsen und anderen angepressten, gecrimpten, gelöteten, geschweißten, geklebten oder vergleichbar verbundenen Teilen.

Aktionspreis: 1.500,- € zzgl. MwSt.
Nur solange der Vorrat reicht.

Sonderaktion EPT50

Special Offer:

Pull Tester Model EPT 50
Space-saving tester for pull-off force testes at crimped terminals, connectors, end sleeves and other pressed, glued and soldered parts.

Special offer price: € 1.500,-
Special offer while supplies last.

Special Offer EPT50

Entwicklung kundenspezifischer Steuerungen:

Das Dienstleistungsangebot der MI&T GmbH umfasst die Entwicklung von kundenspezifischer Zusatz-Hard- und Software sowie von Speziallösungen elektronischer Steuerungen im industriellen Steuerungsbereich (embedded Hard- und Software) mit Mikroprozessoren oder programmierbaren Logikbausteinen (FPGA, auch mit Ethernet-Anschluss), sowohl als anwendungsspezifische Einzelanfertigung als auch in Kleinserien. Unser Dienstleistungsangebot umfasst in diesem Bereich auch kundenspezifische Programmierungen.

Design of customer-specific control units:

The MI&T offers to design customer-specific additional hard- and software as well as special solutions of electronic control systems in the field of industrial control units (embedded hard- and software) with microprocessor or programmable logic module (FPGA, also with Ethernet connection), both as custom-designed single unit production as well as small-batch production models. In this field of application our range of services offered comprises customer-specific programming also.